Building Performance Tests for USACE Commercial Projects

Whole Building Air Barrier Tightness Testing is Critical for all Buildings to Maximize Energy Efficiency—Now an USACE Commerical Project Standard

building performanceThe United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has adopted an air barrier tightness standard that requires all buildings to be tested and subsequently pass a stringent building air barrier tightness test. Modern buildings need to meet even more stringent air leakage standards. It is our belief that these standards will become increasing more stringent requiring designers and the constructors to be more mindful of the buildings’ air barriers and related construction components.

Engineers are using smaller allowances for air leaks in their HVAC systems. Testing larger buildings for air barrier tightness requires multiple blower doors working in unison, in conjunction with guarded pressure zones, to measure the leakage rate of the building enclosure.

SYSTEMS Building Envelope Consultants owns and utilizes the latest technology, in combination with multiple blower doors, to measure the air leakage through the building enclosure, in accordance with ASTM E779 methodologies as well as the USACE Building Air Tightness Testing Protocol. We are trained in providing the Large Building Air Tightness Tests and have conducted hundreds of tests on a variety of building types.

Our diagnostic evaluations are followed up with an Infrared Thermography test. This involves scanning the areas of the building envelope for air leakage, thermal bridges, and/or missing insulation. These tests are performed in general accordance with ASTM C 1060 (2003) and conform to USACE.



This Thermogram was taken during a building performance test while the building was pressurized. The cooler air (yellow) was escaping the building. This is a demonstration of air leakage.