General Contractors can meet USACE Regulations

Using our Building Envelope Consultants can Ensure Compliance with USACE Air Barrier Tightness Regulations and Overall Water Infiltration Goals are met for all Phases of the Project

By hiring a building envelope construction during construction of their commercial projects, more general contractors are mitigating against future construction defaults. In the past, building commissioning verified that the mechanical, engineering, and IT systems performed according to design, specifications and regulations.

However, because of the increasingly high cost of water infiltration damage and the recently implemented USACE Air Barrier Testing regulations, more general contractors are retaining the services of a building envelope consultant. Not only to mitigate against future and costly water damage, but to also increase the energy efficiency of the building as well.

Building Envelope Consultants Performance TestsOur customizable building envelope consultant services and comprehensive performance testing can help:

  • Ensure project details are well-planned and effectively communicated to sub-contractors.
  • Identify performance issues that may cause costly post construction problems.
  • Identify early construction defaults that can avoid costly delays.
  • Help mitigate lawsuits by documenting building performance testing and quality of construction.