Summarization of Final Report for ASHRAE Research Project 1365-RP “Thermal Performance of Building Envelope Details for Mid- and High-Rise Buildings”

Morrison Hershefield summarizes the Research project as follows:

(Building energy standards, such as ASHRAE 90.1, force recognition of the impact of thermal bridging)

Adding Batt Insulation

Often, fiberglass batt is added to fill the stud cavity in order to further increase the thermal resistance of an exterior insulated steel stud assembly. To evaluate the benefit of adding this insulation, we modeled the horizontal z-girt arrangement with and without an R-12 batt in the stud cavity. The results show that by adding the R-12 batt in the stud wall increases the assembly R-value by, on average, R-7.5.

These results will differ using other systems; but only slightly. In general, adding insulation in the stud cavity of an exterior insulated stud wall assembly will add approximately 60% of the rated nominal value of that insulation to the thermal resistance of the assembly.

This improvement may seem modest for the increased nominal R-value, but it may be important in meeting code.

SYSTEMS to Increase Third Party Observations—EIFS and RRO

Systems Building Science specialists are both EIFS certified inspectors and Registered Roof Observers (RR0 and are pleased to announce that we will now be offering these services on USACE projects. Over the last 4-6 months, we've seen demand for consultants with these certifications continue to grow. Recently, SYSTEMS has been awarded a project in Nevada requiring a full time RRO as well as two projects at Ft. Hood, Texas requiring the Certified EIFS inspector.

SYSTEMS Recently Awarded Four USACE Projects

Four more USACE projects have been recently awarded to SYSTEMS. They are located in Alaska, Las Vegas, NV, Fort Leonard Wood, MO. and Los Alamitos, CA.

Another SYSTEMS Staff Member Gets ABAA Certified

The Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) is an industry leading association that promotes and assists in the design, installation, quality assurance and education of air barriers in commercial buildings throughout the United States.

ABAA specified projects require scheduled audits by qualified personnel and the industry is undergoing rapid growth. Further upcoming code changes are underway, and soon air barriers will be a code requirement.

Once again Systems Building Envelope Consultants are constantly keeping up with the changes in our fast moving business.

Lodging Industry Clients

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