Property Managers get Complete Water Infiltration Analysis

Our Nationwide Coverage and Proven Expertise Means Property Managers get Consistent and Accurate Water Infiltration Analysis for all Their Properties

Property managers understand the need to move quickly in order to alleviate further water infiltration and thus more damage to their buildings. Our building envelope, roof and waterproofing experts have experience working with all types of property management companies— from those that manage a few buildings to those responsible for entire hotel chains.

Roof Consultant for Lodging and Hotel IndustryOur building envelope consultants will accurately identify the problem and offer the right solutions:

  • Complete field and laboratory analysis to include:
    • Visual inspection and thorough moisture surveys of the entire roof and wall system to determine if and where water migration has occurred.
    • Thorough review of roof and wall configuration and waterproofing followed by remedial water testing to determine leak origins.
    • Non-destructive moisture scans including a contour map of the roof and/or walls that indicate areas of moisture containment, migration of moisture, as well as moisture entry points.
    • Both laboratory and field analysis of roof, wall, and waterproofing materials.
    • Further evasive exploration if the problem requires further investigation.
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand reports that include:
    • Expert findings and opinions based upon a comprehensive analysis of the problem.
    • Short and long-term recommendations, as well as repair or replacement cost parameters.
    • Specifications for corrective actions both short and long term.
    • Photographic record of existing roof, exterior wall and waterproofing conditions and materials.
    • Repair cost projections, plot map of building envelope components needed for repair work, material recommendations and energy efficiency recommendations.
    • Damage Resolutions can include:
    • Managing the bidding process and contractor recommendations.
    • Quality control and management of the necessary repairs or replacement.