Water Penetration Testing ensures Quality during Commecial Construction

Systems Building Envelope Consultants can Field Test for Water Penetration to Ensure Work Quality and Specifications are met durinwater penetrationg Commercial Construction

Our water penetration consultants can provide third party independent water penetration testing to validate that windows, doors, storefronts, and curtain wall assemblies are installed to meet the project specifications and product manufacturers’ installation requirements. Field testing for water penetration will determine the quality of work of subcontractors and ensure their accountability. Field testing will also ensure that proper specifications were followed during the construction process.

These water penetration tests may include:

  • Mock up and in-field testing for Curtain Wall and/or Masonry - We provide pre-design and/or forensic site related testing of curtain walls, masonry and exterior wall. Depending on the height of the facility, swing stage rigging may be required along with the services of a waterproofing contractor to remove and replace masonry units so that the shelf angle and the flashing can be observed.
  • Moisture Testing Services for Roofing - This service is typically performed in conjunction with our preliminary design service for roofing and only after we have physically determined that a small percentage (less than 20%) of insulation is wet. The testing tool will identify those small areas of wet insulation. The wet areas are then outlined on the roof with paint. From this determination, a design can be developed to remove only the isolated wet areas and overlay the existing dry areas. This methodology keeps your costs to a minimum and often entails using capacitance meters as well as Infrared Thermography.